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Our Team

Annelyse Bansbach

Head Trainer


She founded BEE in 2018 with the hopes of setting a new standard for the industry.  She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of this sport, competing in all three rings as a junior and advancing all the way through the Grand Prix level.  She furthered her education as a professional working under top show jumpers in Europe and North America including Hap Hansen, Tjeert Rijkens, and WEG Champion Gail Greenough.

Alyssa Staff Photo.jpg

Alyssa Bansbach

Marketing Guru/Assistant Trainer

She helps in the advertisement of sales horses, sponsorship procurement, and social media presence.  Not only is she a marketing professional, but she is also a top-quality rider and trainer, with experience working for Hap Hansen and Jeni Brown.  Alyssa is brought in to help teach and ride when Annelyse is on the road and BEE is split between two locations.

Hugo Gonzalez


A professional photographer by trade, he joined the team as a groom in 2019.  He has always had a passion for animals and is a very quick study.  His hard-work and dedication led him to become a top-quality groom and a huge asset to the team.  At competition and at home, Hugo uses his photography skills to capture amazing images of our clients and our horses.

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