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BEE Consignment Program

BEE believes that there is a perfect job out there for every horse.  Our commitment to finding that perfect fit for our wonderful consignment horses ensures that they all go on to jobs they enjoy so the sellers, buyers, and horses are all happy. 


Services Included

  • Customized marketing packages utilizing social media, various sales platforms, and personal connections cultivated over the past few decades

  • Full Training to include five training rides/week

  • Full Grooming to include daily services as well as laundry, supplies, mane pulling, and show clipping 

  • Full Care to include daily sand turn out, weekly grass turn out, daily eurociser use, and blanketing

  • 2x Daily Cavalor Grain and Supplements

  • Showcasing your horses at a premier equine facility located minutes from HITS Del Mar and SET

  • Professional Photography and Photo Editting

Investment Opportunities

BEE has an extensive network of partners throughout the world.  We average a 12-18% ROI within 90 days.  We are very picky with our investments, and only act on horses we have 100% confidence in.  Contact us today to be added to our call list for when we find those perfect unicorns! 

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